Thanks for rocking Everfree Encore 2019!

Thank you!

Hey friends, how are you doing? 

It’s been a few weeks since Everfree Encore 2019 and while some of you are already on to the next event, we’ve had a lot of wrap-up to do.

We are happy to say that for the PEF organization team, Everfree Encore 2019 was a total blast and a big success – And we really hope it was the same for you, because this event is for you first and foremost, after all! Every one of you almost 200 attendees, to be precise – A better turnout than we expected! 

So this is about you, because you folks are awesome and every single one of you helped make this E2 the very special weekend that it was. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you. Thank you all for making this festival possible, for attending, for partying, for being you!

That’s why we hope to see all of you again in 2020, because we sure as tartarus aren’t done yet!

This year we did our best to expand our stage lineup and welcomed Javier, Waranto Wingbeat and Gla…Shimmer Light as DJs and Prince Whateverer, Coltastrophe, Forest Rain, Bronikoni and Crusader as our live acts. A huge THANK YOU goes to all of you for following our call to throw one giant party in this barn. You were amazing and we’re more than happy you were there!

Also new and improved compared to last year were the bar and catering. We ran the bar ourselves this time, providing drinks for what we believe was the best price we could offer to you. Meanwhile, the food was provided by the owners of Gut Steimke themselves! They spent most of their day working hard in the kitchen and at their booth to provide high quality, freshly made burgers, gulasch and roulades. The meat was locally sourced, made from Benjamin, a bull from a regional farm. Our enthusiastic special thanks go to the Schoening Family and Benjamin for doing their best and providing food for everyone.

But all praises aside, we still want your honest feedback. Please let us know what you think about Everfree Encore 2019! What did you miss? What do you think could be done better? What did you enjoy most? Especially any thoughts regarding the bar and the food are very much appreciated, but we’d love to hear your opinion about the stage program, the area, the camping space and anything else that comes to mind, as well.

Get in touch via our contact form.

Thank you all once again for coming and see you at Everfree Encore 2020!