Tree donation campaign for Everfree Encore 2021

A festival like Everfree Encore is not without environmental impact and travelling from visitors, guests and volunteers is one example with greater impact. For that reason we introduced a way to donate a tree with your ticket purchase as compensation in 2021 for the first time.

74 of 133 sold tickets were upgraded with a Plant-A-Tree option for 1 € and since some of you were so generous to donate more than 1€ for the project we gathered 132 trees. Almost one for each ticket!

We rounded the gathered amount to a total of 150 € or 150 trees and sent it to the Plant for the Planet Foundation. The donation will passed down to the Yucatán Restoration Project which started to reforest the Yucatán region in Mexico in 2015.

Thank you for all donations for this very important contribution to protect our environment! We will be happy to offer this option for future events again.