Everfree Encore postponed

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Everfree Encore will be postponed. We have not taken this step lightly and understand that this is not only a great disappointment to many of you, but also causes some inconvenience to you. We deeply apologize for this and will gladly explain why it is the only option at this time.

First of all, the venue change meant that we had to make a lot of adjustments and face new challenges. The biggest challenge was getting a permit from the government to perform Everfree Encore – which turned out to be a much more complex and demanding process than back at Gut Steimke. Besides applying months ago, we just got the permission this week – and to our surprise, it came with a huge set of requirements which would have made Everfree Encore nearly impossible to organize and, even worse, would have taken all the fun from it. Not only has the performance time been limited to 10 PM but the use of the area for camping and parking has been heavily restricted. Also, the stage volume and use of stage lighting have been limited to a point where they are just unsuitable.

Not only are prices heavily increasing including traveling, food, craftsman services or simply basic stuff, but the requirements set by the local government add to this in such a way it would force us to spend much more money on infrastructure, services and equipment than expected.

Even with the already raised ticket prices and given that the financial situation of our association is overall not great after two years of COVID-19 and a GalaCon facing heavily increased expenses, the financial risk just became too high to carry on with good conscience. 

We are organizing Everfree Encore for our community, to give all of you a weekend full of fun and music. And there is a thing we do not want to risk: Disappointing all of you with a much worse festival experience.

Therefore, we found that it would be best to postpone the festival for now and get back to planning, also overthinking the decision to switch venues, to deliver you the Everfree Encore experience we all love and appreciate so much. We hope for your understanding and to finally meet again very soon!

When will Everfree Encore take place?

Unfortunately, we cannot announce a new date yet because we have to check when a suitable venue is available. We will announce the date as soon as possible, hopefully within the next few weeks.

What about tickets?

If you have ordered a ticket for this year, you have two options: You can either apply for a refund or keep your ticket for the new upcoming Everfree Encore. All ticket holders will be contacted via e-mail soon with more information.

Alternatively you can also continue via this link:

We are very grateful for anyone who keeps their ticket for the new date. This would improve our planning process a lot and help us to advance much faster.

If you would like to cancel your ticket, please note that it might take some time to pay out all refunds based on the number of applications.