Forest Rain

Forest Rain is a musician and a brony since the first years of the fandom. Her dedication to music helped shape the fandom with well known hits like Join the Herd and Great to be Different. “Great to be different” also runs as a motto through her life and reflects in her great commitment to the LGBT-Community, to which she also contributes with her website
In terms of music, she really enjoys being creative in genres like pop, alternative and orchestral.

While her early work showed a great love for Derpy Hooves, these days she also appreciates Tempest Shadow and her musical appearances in My little Pony: The Movie. On top of that, she is also a big fan of the german performance of “Open Up Your Eyes”.

By the way, she really likes spicy food – so be sure to get your bottle of chilli signed by her 😉

Be sure to visit her on twitter and youtube!