General Mumble and Koa

Rooted in the very early days of the fandom, General Mumble left his marks in the musical landscape soon after his beginnings with all known classics like She’s a Pony or Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag and continued to impress with a consistent flow of great music over the years.

Not too long ago he was joined by his wife Koa who is not only a very talented singer, complementing various songs of General Mumble with her great voice, but also a producer – like for her album In Your Eyes!

Together they established the music project Mumble Etc that features various types of music and genres. In general their music is settled in electronic genres and is a real treat for all edm and bass connoisseurs!

For Everfree Encore 2022, we are super hyped to welcome them live on our stage for not only one, but two absolutely spectacular music sets!

While you are waiting, why not refresh your playlist with an amazing selection of tracks from General Mumble and Koa on Bandcamp and Youtube.
Or follow Mumble’s Twitter and Koa’s Twitter to learn more about their current and upcoming projects!