Rules of Conduct

The General Terms and Conditions of the Pony Events Federation e.V. apply. Please especially mind the named rules of conduct (§ 10, § 2 and § 11).

For selling goods and services, the Terms and Conditions for Vendors apply. 

Additionally, the following Event Rules apply:

I. General Behavior 

  1. Access to the venue and overnight stay is only possible with a valid ticket.
  2. Selling or offering goods and services as well as advertising is only allowed with approval by the event host.
  3. For the camp site and courtyard, please respect the silent hours from 00:00 h to 07:00 h. Any noisy music or entertainment is forbidden. Silent hours for the mattress camp and Youth Hostel are from 22:00 h to 07:00 h.
  4. Privacy and well-being of all our guests must be respected.
  5. No symbols or depictions, which are illegal, liable to corrupting the youth or glorifying violence are allowed at the venue (see § 10 Subpar. 3). Furthermore, any political, provocative or offensive depictions are forbidden, even if they are intended to be satirical.
  6. The event host may decide which depictions are tolerable. Adequate measures according to § 11 may be taken if depictions are not considered tolerable or disturbing the event.

II. Camping Ground 

  1. Tents have to be set up according to the event host’s instructions.
  2. Only the (blue) domestic power supplies at the toilet facilities may be used. The (red) CEE outlet may only be used with approval by the event host.
  3. Connecting multiple multi-outlets after another is forbidden. Any used multi-outlet or cable must be safe for outdoor usage (protection class IP44). The maximum power per outlet is 2.500 Watts (domestic power is at 230 Volts).
  4. Connecting campers, caravans or electric vehicles is only possible with approval by the event host.
  5. Generators or power supplies may only be used with approval by the event host. They must be grounded.
  6. Heating, lighting or cooking appliances fueled by gas, liquid fuel or solud fuel may only be operated under supervision.
  7. Any used electrical appliances, multi-outlets or cables must be conform with European standards and have a protective conductor.

III. Vehicles 

  1. Driving at the venue ground is only allowed within the specified passages.
  2. Parking is only allowed within the marked areas. Vehicles may not be parked at the camping ground without approval by the event host.
  3. The German Road Traffic Act (Straßenverkerhsordnung) applies on the venue ground. Driving is only allowed at walking pace and with switched-on warning lights.
  4. Vehicles that cause environmental risks may not be driven or parked.
  5. Vehicles may not be fuelled or repaired. Repairs performed by professionals are allowed if necessary.

Please mind the following consequences: 

  • Any violation may lead to an exclusion from the event or future events or also a house ban.
  • Any appliances that are operating against the given rules may be put out of operation.
  • For damages caused by negligent or culpable behavior, the perpetrator may be held responsible.
    • Vehicles which are parked illegally or cause a(n) (environmental) risk will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

In your own interest and the other visitors, please respect these rules to ensure a peaceful and safe festival. 

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