Sleeping Place Reservation

Reservation Request - Teepees, Mattress Camp and and Youth Hostel

With every ticket for Everfree Encore, you get a free spot on our camping site to set up your own tent. If you don't want that, you can also request another accomodation option. There are some free beds in the youth hostel (30,- €) in the city center of Uslar. There will be an on-demand shuttle service between the youth hostel and the venue. Please bring your own bedclothes (bedclothes can be rented for 5,- €). On site, you can either use the mattress camp (20,- €) or a teepee (20,- €). For both options, please bring your own sleeping bag, bedding etc. Due to the low number of sleeping places and the high demand, we have to check every request individually. We will also try to put groups together if possible, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible in any case. If your request can be fulfilled, you will get a link to book and pay for your room or sleeping place.

Please give the number of guests in your group who should be accommodated together.

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If you have any special requests or need a teepee resp. hostel place for any specified reason, please include additional information.