If you have been to Lunafest this year, you know exactly how this announcement leads to a brilliant evening and if not… Well then get ready for the full “Deutsche Pony Härte”!

Joining the fandom in 2012, StableTwo started his musical journey 2014, creating soundtracks for Fallout Equestria and occasionally exploring into the realms of Metal as well as other genres. 

Favoring all things dark, cold and gothic in general, he eventually settled in the genres “Neue Deutsche Härte” and industrial gothic metal, blessing us with numerous great songs that you should definitely check out!  

At Lunafest he had his live performance debut and was backed up by a makeshift band not only consisting out of his flatmate and friends, but also Koron Korak – And boy did they set the floor on fire (rhetorically, don’t play with flames kids)!

We are very excited and hyped up to welcome StableTwoStallion and Band at Everfree Encore, and cannot wait for whatever escalating stage performance might await us!

Shorten the wait by having a listen to StableTwo’s Bandcamp, and make sure to subscribe to him on YouTube! And if that is not enough, continue your musical journey at Koron Korak’s Bandcamp page!