Coming straight from the UK, everyone’s favourite DJ doe is once again going to perform at Everfree Encore!


Despite dabbling in nearly every electronic genre, Tw3Lv3 specialises in everything chill. Don’t be fooled, however, as they only play the most energetic songs on stage, all but guaranteeing a wild set that will make you move!


They have been featured on different albums over time, such as Ponies at Dawn, with their collab with General Mumble and Retronax, Space and Time provides a rather unique angle to Celestia’s falling out with Luna, and perfectly captures the feeling of regret that followed.

Meanwhile, their newest song everything’s different is a rather solemn Drum & Bass piece that conveys a mood otherwise difficult to put into words.

You can (and should) listen to their latest album, lost in my thoughts on a freezing night, right here.


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