Encore’s back, alright!

We are happy to finally announce a new date and very familiar location – Yes, the announcement has been doubled!

Everfree Encore will return to Gut Steimke in Uslar on 05 – 07.05.2023.

Yes you heard right, Back to good ‘ol MacDonald farm Gut Steimke – And yes, this time in spring! 

Tickets you have ordered for 2022 and decided to keep after the postponement, are still valid for 2023! Props to everyone who kept it, it really helps us out /)

More on the location and date:

The issues with the new location and bureaucracy in that area made it pretty clear that another attempt in Werne would be equally difficult and we were forced to search for alternatives.

In case you have missed the full reasoning behind the postponement, you can find more info in this post: https://everfree-encore.eu/everfree-encore-verschoben/

One of the candidates was an already familiar location and while Gut Steimke had many issues of its own in 2021, things have changed for the better.

We strongly believe a return to Gut Steimke is the best option and we are looking forward to another great event on familiar grounds in 2023.

You might have also noticed the drastic change in the date. We saw this situation as an opportunity to place the event in a less busy time frame. 

Usually July to September are the busiest months and we hope to reduce the stress level for you, but also for us helpers and organizers.

Last but not least, we want to thank you all again for the fantastic support and we are really excited to meet you all again at Everfree Encore next year!

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