Back from the underground, back for more – Make some noise for the one and only Z95 and prepare for a true experience™!

Deeply rooted in (definitely not playback) Rammstein parodies, you were able to hear him numerous times at previous Everfree Encores and Derpyfests – though maybe too numerous? Will his stage life forever be dominated by the looming fate of becoming a one-trick pony or will he rise like a phoenix from the ashes of his legacy?

Can he leave his past behind and shine again live at Everfree Encore? Will his microphone actually be working for once? Is this the definite end of his career and Everfree Encore? Only YOU will know, live and in color at Everfree Encore!

Until then, you can remember those bright days, that may already be a thing of the past, by watching his unrivaled performances at Everfree  Encore 2019 and Eeverfree Encore 2021!