Getting There

As every good Festival we want to make sure you all get safe and sound to us.

Address is known? No?!

Then here:

Gut Steimke
Steimke 1
37170 Uslar

Arrival with:

With the Train you ride to train station (Bahnhof) Uslar via RB 81 (14165) Bodenfelde -> Uslar and RB 81 (14164) Northeim -> Uslar.
Or to the train station (Bahnhof) Vernawahlshausen via RB 85 Goettingen -> Vernawahlshausen and RB 85 Paderborn Hbf -> Vernawahlshausen.

A good Bus connection over the weekend is not provided, for this we recommend to walk, using the shuttle service or carpool from the train stations onwards to.

From the Train station in Uslar, Steimke is a 27 Minutes walk (2.3km) away and from Vernawahlshausen it is 37 Minutes walk (2.7km).

We recommend booking a ticket before starting your journey to Everfree Encore. A Train Ticket can be booked via or via the Ticket and Navigation Apps DB Navigator and FahrPlaner, both to be found in the App Store of Google and Apple.

Information about the Deutschland (49€) Ticket:

Starting on 1. May 2023 the all new Deutschland-Ticket for 49€ a Month will be in effect.

With this Ticket you can travel through Germany’s Publictransitnetwork the whole month (High-speed transit and intercity Buses like (IC, EC, ICE, FlixTrain, FlixBus) are excluded).

The Ticket is valid from the 1. Day of the Month until 3am in the morning of the 1. Day of the next month. Do keep in mind, this Ticket really only makes sense if you plan on using it more then 1 or 2 times in this month, else there are cheaper alternatives. The Deutschland (49€) Ticket is only online and in the Ticket Apps in Germany available and only via Direct debit (Paperless) possible.

You can reach Uslar and Steimke fairly well with a Car via A7, B80, B241 and B446.

We can also do Parking here! At the entrance to Gut Steimke, the parking lot is on the left-hand side, as is usual at festivals, it is a field. In order not to cause any problems for us and for you with the parking, follow the instructions of the marshalling Volunteer.  Please do not park mobile homes and campers here, you may use the campsite. If you sleep in the car, you can also go to the campsite if necessary.

Additional Info for cars:

If possible, carpool to save on transport costs and help the environment.

Please be careful how you drive, it can get really tight in places around Steimke and Uslar, see the railway bridge near Steimke.

There are also free-roaming animals on the farm, so please watch out for anything lying in front of your wheels.

The best and nearest Airports are: Hanover (HAJ), Hamburg (HAM), Frankfurt a.M. (FRA)

From there you can take the Train to the Festivall.

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