Everfree Encore 2023

05. – 07. May 2023

Gut Steimke
Steimke 1, 37170 Uslar

The Everfree Encore is a music festival organized by Bronies for Bronies and general fans of the Series ‘My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic’, taking place 2023 for the fourth time! Focussing on live performances of international Brony musicians, Everfree Encore also hosts small panels and supporting programmes made by our community guests and panelists as well as dealers to get your bags stuffed with merchandise! The event is all about having fun and partying together in a rustic and cozy venue.

On this website you can find further information and news about Everfree Encore, attending musicians and community guests, what dealers will be there to sell merchandise and of course information about the venue, each under their respective tab.

We’re looking forward to welcome you to Everfree Encore!


the Pony Events Federation

Hey you, yes you! Did you know Everfree Encore has its own Kofi website? We serve the best fun for the bronies on our events! But to do so, we need your support. Visit us at https://ko-fi.com/everfree_encore and buy us a Kofi. Don’t forget that tickets for EE-2023 are on sale!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag und zum 10-jährigen Vereinsjubiläum🎉🎊
Und deshalb: Horst’s neuestes drip😎
Personalisierte, bestickte #EngelbertStrauss Vereinsjacken für jedes Mitglied!🧥

Horst-Pic von der wunderbaren @MelodisDE
Wappen-Design vom großartigen @xFauler
#MLP #brony

Wish we could turn back time
To the good old Steimke

oh wait
we just did: https://everfree-encore.eu/en/2022/09/19/encore-back/

oh, and we have tickets!

Live from the Neverfree Ranzcore (+-3 hours) with some interesting sightings!

While you all desperately wait for more info, check out the offical livestream from the Neverfree Ranzcore (by @CafeJsjaj ) https://www.twitch.tv/shimmer_light

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