Prince Whateverer

Prince Whateverer

AJ, or Prince Whateverer, is a long-time musician and horse fan, making angry noises about his favorite pastel equine show aka My Little Pony. In the community he’s well known as the prince of the stage. His performance can be seen at conventions like Galacon, HarmonyCon, BronyCon.

Checkout his last performance at Galacon 2023
Prince has produced several covers of popular songs, such as Mic the Microphone’s Nightmare Night and PinkieSkye’s September. He released his debut album Rediscover on November 23, 2013; Mini Boss Battle on November 17, 2014; and Reinvent on September 7, 2016. Reimagine released 24 July 2019. And the last album so far was Redefine, released on 06 September 2023.

One of his biggest projects was to connect over 100 animators to create SOLIDARITY MAP, based around his own song “Solidarity” made in celebration of the pony fandom.

Watch it here

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