indoor lodging

Unfortunately, the indoor lodging is not available this year!

As some of you might have noticed, we are sadly unable to offer sleeping accomodations in a hostel this year. Instead, this year, our offer to all who don’t want to sleep in a tent is a spot in our “Matratzenlager”, the mattress storage room!

What are the details?

There is room for 20 guests. If interest is very high, we can extend this to 30 people. For the time being, however, there are 20 slots avaible.

It’s also absolutely mandatory that you bring your own bed stuff! This means mattress cover, blanket, sheets and pillow – Or mattress cover and sleeping bag. The storage room is in the former vendor area and provides toilet facilities in the close vicinity. The space also provides a nice stable cover against wind and weather.

You’d like to book a slot in the Matratzenlager? Place your request via our reservation form!