Pathfinder Project

Pathfinder Project

Pathfinder Project (Rockin Brony) is a 24 year old multi-Instrumentalist (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums and Vocals) from Montreal, Canada.  He wrote music ranging from atmospheric instrumentals (Cry To The Moon, The Final Frontier Op. 7) to progressive heavy metal (Heroes Of Harmony, The Four Elements). Started playing guitar at the age of 12.

This will be his first very own set at any brony event, the last one being BronyCon 2019, backing other well known musicians (Cyril The Wolf, PrinceWhateverer, dBpony, etc).

He’ll be performing his set on Saturday, where fandom classics, originals, memes (anything goes, really!) will be reimagined and played with an orchestra (a real one, for sure…).

Go see his YouTube channel : 
And remember to check out his albums:

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