Everfree Encore 2021 – Status Update

If you are wondering how your favorite Brony music festival is doing – with some positive developments and thus reason for hope, we are still doing our best to make Everfree Encore happen this year. The pandemic will probably still take its toll and make for some constraints, but we are positive that we can still have some fun together this autumn!

Regarding line-up and program, everyone is planning with full flexibility. If necessary, we can scale the event down. We are also preparing for livestream performances in case some guests aren’t able to appear in person. As long as we see a chance for a fun weekend, we will continue planning and, of course, inform you about any developments as soon as possible.

You can still purchase your ticket in our online shop. If Everfree Encore has to be canceled or scaled down, you can get a voucher for 2022 or receive a full refund. Ticket vouchers from the last year are, of course, still valid.

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