Support Make-A-Wish Germany to show your appreciation!

As Everfree Encore is taking place online this year, we are of course offering the livestream for free. But still, this event requires great effort – not only to deal with the completely new technical requirements and to organize more than 10 sets by musicians from different countries and time zones. 

Especially the musicians have been working hard on their sets and performances to make the most of this special event. 

To show your appreciation for the hard work of the musicians and their performance, we would like to ask for a small contribution to our charity campaign in place of an admission fee. All revenue will go directly to our charity partner, Make-A-Wish Germany. 

You can donate to our campaign at any time, also during the livestream. Your donation will help to make wishes of children with serious illnesses come true, give them hope and contribute to their wellbeing. 

Learn more about Make-A-Wish Germany at their website or on our event page!