AnNy Tr3e

It is time to come to the dancefloor and raise the bpm again!
With this in mind AnNy Tr3e will enter the stage at the next Everfree Encore and introduce you to an evening with powerful and lively progressive house and hardstyle!

Inspired by the creative music from the brony fandom, AnNy Tr3e started to produce music and study audio engineering in germany. Since 2016 he has established himself quickly as a musician in the fandom. No wonder with songs like “Burn (feat. Metajoker)” and “You Are My Star (feat. Wubcake)” – two of his songs that even got part of the Ponies at Dawn albums Rebirth and Eternal.

With performances at Kucykon, Lunafest or EE Online he is also no stranger to live events and knows how to thrill the crowd! Rejoice for an energetic performance at Everfree Encore and make sure to visit his twitter and youtube!