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Everfree Encore 2018 - Panelist Application

Do you want to apply for a panel at Everfree Encore? Use this form to sign up! Please make sure all given information is correct for information about e.g. display name, material, idea and title are final. Our Event Team will get in touch with you soon to discuss the further procedure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via

Give us your real name and the name of your group as contact person here.
The name that should be displayed in the convention timetable and guide.

The name that should be displayed in the convention timetable and guide.

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What will your panel be about and look like?

What should the name of your panel be? Please choose a short name!

Explain your panel idea and tell us why we should choose you. What do you want to present and how? How do you want to interact with the audience? What makes your panel unique and interesting?

Do you have some reference (e.g. panels on other conventions, career, prominence in the fandom) that makes you interesting as a guest?

Needed Material and Equipment

What equipment do you need to hold your panel? IMPORTANT: The information given here is final. Any additional equipment cannot be guaranteed.

What else do you need? Do you need more than one microphone? Do you need a special input type for the projector? Do you need an extra table or special furniture? Please give us a detailled description to make sure we can meet your requirements.

Please choose what standard equipment you will need.

Do you need a special room?

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