Everfree Encore Volunteer Application

Do you want to volunteer for Everfree Encore 2024? Fill out this form to apply as a volunteer. If you have questions, or want to apply directly via mail, contact us at volunteers(at)everfree-encore.eu.

Personal information

We will use nicknames throughout the event to address you, as they're a lot more commonly used in the fandom than real names.

Keep an eye on this address and the spam folders, we will contact you here once we've decided on your application

All personal information will be kept confidential of course.

About you application

At the day of the festival, you'll need to be 18 or older.

Primary language of the convention will be English and German. Many visitors will speak German too, and no one will judge you if your English isn't perfect.

Reserve volunteers are for backup, and will be contacted if we need extra help. There are no mandatory work times, but also no volunteer benefits.

Please add a decent picture, so we will have an impression of who you are. Don't worry, we won't share it outside the team This will help us a lot, thank you.

The teams you'd like to apply for

Please pick several teams in the order of your preference. You may also be part of more than one team. For a detailed description see http://everfree-encore.eu/volunteers
Note that we cannot guarantee that you get picked for one of these teams, especially if they are very popular. In that case we will offer you an alternative.

Shirt sizes will likely be S to 3XL, regular (unisex) fit

Forum accounts, social sites, other ways to get in contact with you. We will use Telegram for volunteer communication.

Tell us a bit about you. Your previous experience, your place in the fandom, everything else you want us to know, so we can get an impression on who you are. What are you doing in the fandom, what do you like, what motivates you to volunteer for Everfree Encore, The better we know you, the better we know how you can contribute to our festival.

Additional files you want to share with us